Name:                                     Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University
Type of University:               Public
University Motto:                  Wisdom is the light of the world.






On 6th March 1985, HM the King graciously granted his royal crest as Rajabhat University emblem.
             The Blue  represents His Majesty the King, King Bhumibhol Adulyadej or King Rama IX, who kindly gave the prestigious  name 'Rajabhat University' to all Rajabhat Universities across Thailand. 
             The Green represents the locations of Rajabhat Universities which are situated in natural environments.
             The Gold represents the wisdom and success
             The Orange represents the proliferation of local art, culture, and folk wisdom at Rajabhat Universities.
             The White represents the pure thoughts of His Majesty the King's Wise Men.
University Colours: Green and Pink

Symbol: University Buddha Image “Phra Putt Racha Panya Baarame”

Symbol: The university flower:  Golden Shower Tree

Postal address:                                      Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University,  680  Mu 11, Nitayo Road, ThatChoenrChum Sub-district,                                                                       Muang District, Sakon Nakhon 47000
Telephone:                                              +66 4297 0021 
Fax:                                                          +66 4297 0022           
Faculties:                                                 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
                                                                   Faculty of Education
                                                                   Faculty of Agriculture Technology
                                                                   Faculty of Industrial Technology
                                                                   Faculty of Management Science
                                                                   Faculty of Science and Technology
Centres:                                                   Computer Centre
                                                                   Library and Learning Resource Centre
                                                                   Teacher Development Centre
                                                                   Special Education Centre
                                                                   Language Centre
                                                                   Vietnam Studies Centre
                                                                   Science Centre
                                                                   Business Service Centre
Total Students (2011) :                         14,801 students and classes are divided into regular and weekend.
International Students (2011)  :          113 students
Postgraduate students (2011) :           1,093 students      
Top 5 programs by enrolment (2011) : Public Administration
                                                                     Physical Education and Sports Science
                                                                     English Education
                                                                     Social Studies

President (2011) :                                    Mr. Panya Mahachai 

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