SNRU is committed to international education and has established International Agreements with a number of universities throughout the world

   Edith Cowan University  

   Washington States University

   The Republic Socialist
   of  Vietnam
   University of Quang Binh
   Quang Binh
   University of Quang Tri
   Quang Tri 

   Da Nang University

   Savannakhet University
   Provincial Education
   Service Savannakhet


 International students from the University of Quaug Binh

     This new academic year, SNRU welcomed 109 full-time inbound  in ternational students. This progressive exchange program  increased the enrolment of overseas undergraduates from  Vietnam. SNRU enjoys with other colleges and universities
around  the world.

     The university recently sought an official agreement with the  overseas institutions, the University of Quang Binh and the  University of Quang Tri in the Republic Socialist of Vietnam for  further discussion on establishing Thai Studies Centre.



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