SNRU Facilities

Banking - ATM’s are available at SNRU campus. A full-time of Ayudhya branch is available on the campus for everyday banking.

Co-operative shop

SNRU co-operative shop is a convenience store and has a well-stocked range of stationery, clothing, and memorabilia.

SNRU Sports

SNRU operates sporting facilities offering a health and fitness centre. Sporting and leisure includes leisure programs and activities.

Library and Learning Resource Centre

SNRU campus has a modern library with electronic databases, books and journal collections, e-journals, videos, computer files and multimedia packages as well as facilities for study and research.



Emergency Contact Numbers

SNRU Security 191
Police 199
Ambulance 1669

The SNRU Security department is staffed by professional and committed security officers and operates 24 hours a day.

Coffee shop and Cafeterias

SNRU campus has 2 coffee shops, and 2 cafeterias which offer meals and a wide range of refreshments.


SNRU is well serviced by public transport to the city and also has extensive parking facilities.

On-Campus Accommodation

The university offers a comprehensive service to assist students in all aspects of accommodation during the course of studies. The cost of living in Sakon Nakhon is one of the lowest in Thailand.

Temporary accommodation

SNRU campus organises temporary accommodation for students and all academic visitors during summer. The temporary accommodation venues are excellent value, and are clean and affordable.

The minimum tenancy is one semester and there is a fixed term lease contract, which runs from the beginning of the week prior to the start of semester, up to and including the last day of semester.

At the beginning of Semester 1 each year, preference is given to first year students for at least half of the places available in the villages, however to maintain a balance, 2nd year and 3rd year students may be selected and are encourage to apply.

Residents living in the village have access to the university’s computer labs, and also have access to the University’s wireless network.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Many students choose to live off-campus in rented accommodation; typically private dormitories, units or townhouses, apartments or houses. There are many affordable options in the suburbs around SNRU campus. The rent varies depending on the size, condition, and location. New students often arrange to share accommodation during Orientation.

Computer Laboratories

Computers are extensively used in all areas of study. SNRU campus has a well-equipped computer lab that can be easily accessed.

Health and Medical Services
Health and Medical Services have conveniently located rooms that provide access to medical nursing.

Arts, Culture and Languages Centres

The SNRU Arts, Culture and Languages Centre has a wide range of Thai traditional arts and cultures, including original paintings, genuine gifts, local works, palm leaf scripts, printed Buddhas, and traditional medicine, local study projects, music, and performing arts.

The Vajiralongkorn Hall

The Vajiralongkorn Hall was established by SNRU on 25 September 2008. It was named after the Crown Prince Vajiralonglorn. It provides a location for graduation ceremonies for Northeastern Rajabhat Universities. The hall accommodates 2,600 people, and is located on SNRU campus.

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